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I've been working on some C++ code that compiled on Visual Studio and with MinGW/GCC just fine.

I've been using relative include paths in all of my source files.

#include "../../../stuff.h"

However a huge problem occurs when I compile on Android NDK.

If a header file has a relative include to another header file, it seems like NDK includes it relative to the original file.

So if in "a/b/c/source.cpp"

I do #include "../../header.h"

and inside of "a/header.h" I do

#include "../hello.h"

Instead of including from "hello.h" I think it goes relative to the source.cpp file path. It would end up looking for it in "a/b/header.h"

This is fixable by me rewriting all includes within the header files to be absolute paths, which is a huge pain. I'm hoping there's a way to avoid this with NDK. I'm not really even sure what the problem really is, it could be some common make file command or variable that I need to set.

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You should add


into your android.mk

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