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I am working with some Javascript and Ajax functions. I am going to put some code while I explain myself to be more clear.

I have this element: <div id="divTest" onclick="test()">YES</div>

When the user clicks the DIV, the function replaces the "YES" for something like this:

YES <input type="radio" name="testing" value="YES" onclick="test_2(this.value)" checked /> 
NO <input type="radio" name="testing" value="NO" onclick="test_2(this.value)" />

This allows the user to select again the right option. Then I want to replace the radiobuttons with new value, so when the user selects any option, the DIV replaces the "radio" options and displays the value selected (YES OR NO) as it was on the begining.

At this point everything works perfect.

Here is my problem:

I want the DIV to have the onclick() as the begining onclick="test()" so I do it from javascript giving it the property this way: div.onclick = function() { test();};. The function test() is executed even if the user does not click on the div. It executes both function right away and does not wait until there is a click on it.

Does anyone knows how can I make the function to wait until there is any click on it? Am I giving the onclick property incorrectly?

I hope I made myself clear. (Sorry for my english)

Here are the functions

function test() {
   var div = document.getElementById("divTest");
   div.innerHTML = xml.responseText();

function test_2(newValue) {
   div = document.getElementById("newValue");
   div.innerHTML = newValue;
   div.onclick = function() { test(); };
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Can you put a demo up on jsfiddle.net? –  Jonathan Sampson Dec 10 '12 at 23:17

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Yes, your problem is with div.onclick = here you are actually assigning a click action to your div! Which will execute when your page loads.

What you want is to assign an event listener like so.

div.addEventListener('click' function(){});
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@mauguerra then your going to have to post a jsfiddle like Jonathan said. Because something is off in your code. The above should work. –  ryan Dec 11 '12 at 0:46

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