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Is there a way to get the name of a captured group in C#?

string line = "No.123456789  04/09/2009  999";
Regex regex = new Regex(@"(?<number>[\d]{9})  (?<date>[\d]{2}/[\d]{2}/[\d]{4})  (?<code>.*)");

GroupCollection groups = regex.Match(line).Groups;

foreach (Group group in groups)
    Console.WriteLine("Group: {0}, Value: {1}", ???, group.Value);

I want to get this result:

Group: [I don´t know what should go here], Value: 123456789  04/09/2009  999
Group: number, Value: 123456789
Group: date,   Value: 04/09/2009
Group: code,   Value: 999
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Use GetGroupNames to get the list of groups in an expression and then iterate over those, using the names as keys into the groups collection.

For example,

GroupCollection groups = regex.Match(line).Groups;

foreach (string groupName in regex.GetGroupNames())
       "Group: {0}, Value: {1}",
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Thank you! Exactly what I wanted. I never thought that this would be in the Regex object :( –  Luiz Damim Sep 4 '09 at 20:00

The cleanest way to do this is by using this extension method:

public static class MyExtensionMethods
    public static Dictionary<string, string> MatchNamedCaptures(this Regex regex, string input)
        var namedCaptureDictionary = new Dictionary<string, string>();
        GroupCollection groups = regex.Match(input).Groups;
        string [] groupNames = regex.GetGroupNames();
        foreach (string groupName in groupNames)
            if (groups[groupName].Captures.Count > 0)
        return namedCaptureDictionary;

Once this extension method is in place, you can get names and values like this:

    var regex = new Regex(@"(?<year>[\d]+)\|(?<month>[\d]+)\|(?<day>[\d]+)");
    var namedCaptures = regex.MatchNamedCaptures(wikiDate);

    string s = "";
    foreach (var item in namedCaptures)
        s += item.Key + ": " + item.Value + "\r\n";

    s += namedCaptures["year"];
    s += namedCaptures["month"];
    s += namedCaptures["day"];
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You should use GetGroupNames(); and the code will look something like this:

    string line = "No.123456789  04/09/2009  999";
    Regex regex = 
        new Regex(@"(?<number>[\d]{9})  (?<date>[\d]{2}/[\d]{2}/[\d]{4})  (?<code>.*)");

    GroupCollection groups = regex.Match(line).Groups;

    var grpNames = regex.GetGroupNames();

    foreach (var grpName in grpNames)
        Console.WriteLine("Group: {0}, Value: {1}", grpName, groups[grpName].Value);
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+1 Thank you Eran. –  Luiz Damim Sep 4 '09 at 20:03

The Regex class is the key to this!

foreach(Group group in match.Groups)
    Console.WriteLine("Group: {0}, Value: {1}", regex.GroupNameFromNumber(group.Index), group.Value);


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This is incorrect, the group.Index is the position of the start of the match group in the original text. Not the "index" of the group in the regex. –  squig Feb 9 at 13:08

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