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I am trying to model a sales situation where you can sell to a person or to a business with a contact person. I cannot figure out the proper way to do this.

It seems like 2 tables would be incorrect. But how do I model a Customer table that can be a business or a person? Would I just have a boolean for "business" and an additional "business_name" field that would default to Null. But then I have to do an if/then on the columns and that seems like poor design.

Any advice, direction, or links is appreciated.

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This SO answer deals specifically with individuals and organizations. This one uses the same technique in a slightly different application.

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For some detailed explanation of two design alternatives and a related technique, google articles on "Single Table Inheritance", "Class Table Inheritance" and "Shared Primary Key".

There are tags for all three of these here in SO as well.

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