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Two questions from a beginner.

Q1- Is it possible to assert the existence of an HTML node by ID and class? For example, to see if the following element exists:

<div class="drawer" id="first"....>

I've seen you can use something like:

 page.should have_css('div.drawer')
 page.should have_css('div#first')

but can we somehow query for the existence of both parameters, I've tried the following and didn't work:

page.should have_selector("div", :class => "drawer", :id => "first")

Q2- Is it possible to add 2 selectors to the 'within' capybara method, ie, I've seen you can limit the scope by doing:

within("//div[@id='first']") do

but can we filter that DIV by adding id='first' and class='drawer' somehow?

Many thanks!

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You can combine the selectors.

For your first question, the following checks for a div with id "first" and class "drawer":

page.should have_css('div#first.drawer')

For your second question, the within block can use the same css-selector as above:

within('div#first.drawer') do

Or if you really prefer xpath, you can do:

within("//div[@id='first' and @class='drawer']") do

A good reference for css-selectors:

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Justin, what can I say.... Many thanks for the explanation, the examples and the link, just awesome!!! :) – mickael Dec 11 '12 at 23:08

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