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Say I created a dictionary called color_cat with keys and values

I was wondering how I can prompt the user for a key input and display the corresponding value of the key entered, but if the return key is hit, then the program ends.

I tried using a variable for the input and an if loop. Say c is my variable and if I hit enter then the variable is the return key (can I do that?) but if its anything else then I take that input as the key and print the value of the dictionary.

Any tip is greatly appreciated!

My code looks something like:

i = input("input color of cat")  
if i == "" :  
        import sys  
        print "the cat number is", color_cat['i']  
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I suppose the single quotes in color_cat['i'] are a typo. –  Hyperboreus Dec 11 '12 at 2:04

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Try this:

  a = input("Enter number");

If you press press enter without entering anything :

  a = ''

So you can check using a if condition if your variable equals the above returned value.

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Pressing enter returns nothing, so check if the input is


And if it is, exit.

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