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It is nice that AWS Elastic Beanstalk can auto rotate your logs for you. The problem is, once in s3, they are all GZipped and in one file per hour. In order to do any sort of analyzation over a time period, it requires a manual process of downloading all the individual .gz files, unpacking them, and then searching over them. I am looking for a tool that I can just point at an S3 folder, and have text search capability over my logs.

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I don't know about S3 Log Files, but there's a service called Papertrail which:

  • captures (via Syslog) your logs and lets you create several groups
  • enable online tail -f from multiple machines
  • allows you to search and manage alerts from searchs
  • and even exports to S3 in a Hive-Friendly Fashion.

From a Developers perspective, my Elastic Beanstalk apps get patched to log using syslog into papertrail. I couldn't recommend anything else.

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I had a similar problem in trying to aggregate and search over S3 access and Cloudfront log files. Surprisingly years after this question was posted, I still didn't find a nice solution so wrote my own that uses S3 notifications and AWS Lambda. If you aren't publishing events directly from your app into papertrail and just relying on logs written to S3, you can adapt to parse your log file format and push into papertrail (or other transport).

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