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I have to select a date and a time for something. I'm using simple_form, and twitter bootstrap with the datepicker and timepicker gems.

First, I wasn't able to customize the form generators enough to get everything to work, so in my view i have, hardcoded:

<div class="control-group string optional">
          <label class="string optional control-label" for="publish_day">Publish Date</label>
          <div class="controls">
            <div class="input-append date" id="publish_date" data-date="<%= @press_release.published_day %>" data-date-format="dd-mm-yyyy">
              <input class="span2" type="text" name="press_release[publish_day]" value="<%= @press_release.published_day %>" readonly>
              <span class="add-on"><i class="icon-calendar"></i></span>

       <div class="control-group string optional">
          <label class="string optional control-label" for="publish_time">Publish Time</label>
          <div class="controls">  
            <div class="input-append bootstrap-timepicker-component date">
              <input class="span2" id="publish_time" name="press_release[publish_time]" type="text" readonly>
              <span class="add-on"><i class="icon-time"></i></span>

which is lame, and probably not 'correct', but i don't know how to customize simple_form enough to get it to do that for me.

Second, to combine the fields to add to the database, here's what i'm doing in the controller:

params[:press_release][:publish_date] = Time.parse("#{params[:press_release][:publish_day]} #{params[:press_release][:publish_time]}")

which is seems really hacky, but i can't figure out another way to do it. what's a better way to take data from two forms fields and then combine and format it? i'm guessing it's something with before_save but i don't know how to pass the params to a method called that way.

any suggestions are appreciated. thanks in advance!

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One improvement you can make is to move the parsing/formatting to the PressRelease model.

attr_accessor :publish_day, :publish_time

before_validate do
  self.publish_date = Time.parse([self.publish_day, self.publish_time].join(" ")) if self.publish_day.present?

This way you keep the reassignment of the params values out of the controller (you're right, it does look 'hacky')

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My answer would be to go back to your view and try to get it working with 'rails fields. I would not worry about the controller and concatenating the two fields together, I actually think that approach is a pretty good solution.

So I would look at the form and try and get the date and time fields 'railsy'

Here's my field from one of my apps with a date picker on the field too:

   = f.text_field :content_date, id: 'datepicker', size: 10

If you have errors with this approach please post the specific errors you are getting plus the code itself.

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