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I'm stuck in a weird situation where I want the fragments to be recreated when paging is performed. I'm using FragmentStatePagerAdapter.

For example if I use 2 seekbars in 2 different fragments, I want the seekbar in second fragment to update itself according to the value of seekbar in the first fragment.

Without the paging method I'm using a static global variable that updates the seekbars when the fragments are created.

So when I use action bars with tabs i get expected results becasue when I cahnge tabs the fragments are created newly each time.

Now if I use paging method to swipe between these 2 fragments, the fragment states are retained and they dont update as expected becasue the onCreate is not called at all.

I've used

public int getItemPosition(Object object) {

in my extended FragmentStatePagerAdapter Class but no use.

What's the work around for this.

Please help!

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