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In my nginx.conf file, I have something like this:

location ^~ /path1/ {
    root  /usr/local/html;
    index path1.html;

location ^~ /path2/ {
    root  /usr/local/html;
    index path2.html;

Is it possible to combine the two "redirects" into one by using wildcards, rewrites or something else?

If so, how can I do it?

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Have you had a look at the nginx wiki? What you are after is the HttpRewriteModule

An example from said wiki that is pretty damn close to what you are after:

location /download/ {
  rewrite  ^(/download/.*)/media/(.*)\..*$  $1/mp3/$2.mp3  break;
  rewrite  ^(/download/.*)/audio/(.*)\..*$  $1/mp3/$2.ra   break;
  return   403;
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