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I have this xml file which contains information from tagchimp, but the file contains way to much information. How do i only load the information i need. I have found some code:

XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument();
XmlElement root = doc.DocumentElement;
XmlNodeList nodes = root.SelectNodes("movie");

foreach (XmlNode node in nodes)
    string date = node["tagChimpID"].InnerText;
    string name = node["locked"].InnerText;
    Console.WriteLine("Id:" + date + " Locked:" + name);

but it only loads the elements not the child elements, some for example movieTitle or shortDescription

I found a way:

public static string Test(string path, XmlElement nodes)
        string Name = "";
        string releaseDate = "";
        XmlNodeList xnList = nodes.SelectNodes("/items/movie");
        XmlNode eNode;
        foreach (XmlNode xn in xnList)
             eNode = xn.SelectSingleNode("movieTags/info/movieTitle");

            if (eNode != null)
                Name = eNode.InnerText;

           eNode= xn.SelectSingleNode("movieTags/info/releaseDate");
                releaseDate = eNode.InnerText;

but it's not the most practical way to come by it.

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Since you are using .NET, you might spend some time learning LINQ to XML, since it sounds like it would do what you want.

There is a lot of online documentation, in particular how to do various basic queries to get information from specific nodes:

You could also get the same results with XPath.

Or you could manually traverse the nodes, although you would have to handle the child nodes properly (as you already discovered).

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Care to comment about the reason for the downvote? – WildCrustacean Dec 11 '12 at 16:25

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