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I'm developing a Java application that will display Instagram content. It's for an installation, and will only ever authenticate as a single user. I'm trying to keep my OAuth consumer code as simple as possible.

Twitter offers a "single-user" OAuth implementation that seems quite a bit simpler than the standard "OAuth dance". Is there anything analogous for Instagram?

If not, are there any other shortcuts to getting up and running with OAuth + Instagram? I'm using Apache HTTP Components (specifically, Fluent, to ease asynchronous communication) and looking into using OAuth Signpost. However, the path to Fluent+Signpost isn't immediately obvious...

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I was barking up the wrong tree. Turns out I don't need authentication for the requests my desktop application makes, only need to pass the client_id.

There's a limit per hour on the number of requests per client_id; for applications with multiple users, it makes much more sense to authenticate so that limit shifts to per-user (via OAuth access token), but for my single-user single-install application that's not necessary.

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