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I would like to implement a ListView that is automatically updated with any changes to the local db (Observer Pattern). I have read that Loaders and ContentProviders do not play nicely with greenDAO as of now, so I would like to know the recommended approach?

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you can add your own listener (observer or propertychangeListener) like I do here for updating a listView when add or delete something :

public static Object objj = new Object();
static PropertyChangeSupport pcs = null ;
private static PropertyChangeSupport getPropertyChangeSupport(){

        pcs = new PropertyChangeSupport(objj);

    return pcs;


public void addTrace(Traces Trace){
    DevOpenHelper helper = new DaoMaster.DevOpenHelper(context, "pib", null);
    SQLiteDatabase db = helper.getReadableDatabase();
    DaoMaster daoMaster = new DaoMaster(db);
    DaoSession daoSession = daoMaster.newSession();
    TracesDao DAO1= daoSession.getTracesDao(); 
    getPropertyChangeSupport().firePropertyChange("addTrace", 0, Trace);


this above can be done in database controller ... in the class where my listView is I intercept the event like this:

public class ListFragment extends Fragment implements PropertyChangeListener { 
       public void propertyChange(PropertyChangeEvent evt) {
           if (evt.getPropertyName().equals("addTrace")) {
                final Traces tempTrace = (Traces) evt.getNewValue();
                listTraces = DoaConroler.ListTraces();
                showBriefingActivity.runOnUiThread(new Runnable() {

                    public void run() {
                        // fillListItem(tempTrace);

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Sorry, currently there are no observer listeners implemented. This may change in the future.

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hope it will change! – Dawid Hyży Nov 21 '13 at 12:09

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