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Is it possibile to detect if an element has stopped scrolling in Mobile Safari via Javascript?

I have an element that has momentum scrolling by using -webkit-overflow-scrolling:touch, and I need to detect if the element has stopped scrolling, including after the momentum affects the scroll.

Is this possible? Using the onscroll event is not working as it should within my app.

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You can calculate a swipe velocity and try to figure out if momentum scroll will occur based on some threshold value. I've done some testing and about 0.25 pixels/ms seems to be a good value.

Note: Sometimes momentum scrolling will occur for lower velocities too. The lowest velocity to cause momentum scrolling that I recorded was 0.13 (with very short delta time) so if you need a 100% perfect solution, keep on looking.

The example code also detects and deals with overscrolling.

Using JQuery;

var scrollWrapper = $('#myWrapper');
var starTime, startScroll, waitForScrollEvent;
scrollWrapper.bind('touchstart' function() {
   waitForScrollEvent = false;

scrollWrapper.bind('touchmove', function() { 
  startTime = new Date().getTime(); startScroll = scrollWrapper.scrollTop();

scrollWrapper.bind('touchend', function() {
  var deltaTime = new Date().getTime() - startTime;
  var deltaScroll = Math.abs(startScroll - scrollWrapper.scrollTop());
  if (deltaScroll/deltaTime>0.25 
        || scrollWrapper.scrollTop()<0 
        || scrollWrapper.scrollTop()>scrollWrapper.height()) {
    // will cause momentum scroll, wait for 'scroll' event
    waitForScrollEvent = true;
  else {
    onScrollCompleted(); // assume no momentum scroll was initiated
  startTime = 0;

scrollWrapper.bind('scroll', function() {
  if (waitForScrollEvent) {

Edit: Fixed missing commas and variable definitions

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This is fantastic! I've been struggling making an internal div scrollable, and by enabling the momentum, all snap logic I had went out the window. You are missing a couple commas and the wrapper variable isn't defined. Otherwise it's great! –  Chris May 15 at 21:36
Glad you've found it useful. Thanks for pointing out the errors. –  dagge May 17 at 8:22

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