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IntelliJ IDEA 12 on a remove NX desktop is almost unusable. Screen refreshes are painful as you scroll, and simple operations like selecting text is a chore. Is there any way to improve the experience of IDEA on a remote desktop?

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This problem has been discussed here. One of the suggestions was to disable double buffering with RepaintManager.currentManager(null).setDoubleBufferingEnabled(false), and set sun.java2d.noddraw=false in the file.

To make things easy, I have created a plugin that toggles double buffering. You can get the source code from here, or you can download the compiled JAR from here.

With the plugin installed, go into the Tools menu and select Enable/Disable Double Buffering. You will experience a lot of flickering with double buffering disabled, but the performance over a remote desktop connection is significantly improved.

You may also have some luck setting -Dsun.java2d.xrender=true. See here for details.

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It works for me as advertised but it does create a lot of flickering in the UI, especially on the right scroll bar. (This was in v13.1) – StevenWilkins Apr 7 '14 at 23:16
This solution probably helped me, but what really made the difference for me was lowering my screen resolution from 1680x1050 to 1400x900. The fact is that other tools and apps never had the issue even in highest resolution. – AndyClaw Feb 11 at 15:43
Thanks Phyxx ... the only solution that works (with lots of flickering). Any better solutions by today? I'm having the same issue with Android Studio using IntelliJ. – Nils Mar 22 at 3:30

Personally, I tried changing both options: sun.java2d.noddraw=false and sun.java2d.d3d=true and that made my IDEA much much better!
From this conversation, seems like the problem is quite common, but the solution varies....

Didn't try the plugin suggested by Phyxx yet, though.

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I was having the same problems (unusably slow, tearing updates while scrolling etc.) running CLion (based on IntelliJ) from a Linux box over an SSH-tunnel to a Mac running XQuartz X11. Adding the sun.java2d.xrender=true to the file.

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