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I'm edited my question, I have a submit button and textbox in Default.aspx page. I'm open two window Default.aspx. I want to input text into textbox and press submit in this window, other window will update textbox real time.

Please help me !

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What you are looking for is similar to chat application. On receiving a value from one client(browser window), you want to send it to another.

Take a look at SignalR is a good option to keep push data to connected clients.

However if you do want to do it yourself for some reason, the most efficient method to build this in is to use a IHttpAsyncHandler and ajax requests.

Here is a complete working project that implements this, along with ajax.

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Thank alot ! I edited my question. Please help me. – VuongGAD Dec 11 '12 at 4:22
The answer is still the same. If you want to "push" data to another client, you have to have a connection open to it. Using IHttpAsyncHandler allows you to push data when it is received. Take a look at that sample, you can download and try it. It already implements what you want. – nunespascal Dec 11 '12 at 4:40

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