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I'm wanting to include some bittorrent features in my Scala app. I want to use magnet links exclusively if I can for their ease of use. The issue is I'd like to use a prebuilt library like ttorrent. But, I found these libs don't use magnet links, they use the metainfo or the torrent file itself.

So I figure my first step is to take the magnet link and build a metainfo object myself. I understand the makeup of the magnet link pretty well and can parse it into the parameters. I'm just not quite sure how to use the magnet parameters. I don't know what to do with them.

Here's just a test magnet link I found on PB to work with:


After parsing it I get:


Simple enough. Now I haven't used hashes too much, but I'm pretty sure I can't get any info from it directly. My only guess is that I may have to contact one of the trackers to get the metainfo. I'm not sure though.

[fyi] The torrenting will only be used for legal sharing, to share app data and app files between users of the app.

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To retrieve metadata based on an infohash a client needs

  1. be able to find peers, in this case via UDP trackers (BEP 15)*
  2. support the extension protocol (BEP 10)
  3. support metadata exchange (BEP 9) over the extension protocol

Since, according to its readme, ttorrent does not implement BEPs 9 and 10 it can't use magnet links.

[*] HTTP trackers and DHT are other sources and require their own protocols but are not relevant to this example

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