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I would like to find an Internet Explorer ActiveX control that will allow me to print a web page or part of web page to a specific printer without a dialog box.

Is there any activex plugin to achieve this?

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Wouldn't it be better to just ask how to print a page without a dialog box? Why limit solutions to only ActiveX? If someone has an ActiveX answer, that's great, but other answers would be OK, too. –  Rob Kennedy Dec 11 '12 at 5:06

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I used ScriptX. The free version lets you set some basic parameters, see the example below.


<!-- MeadCo ScriptX -->
<object id=factory style="display:none"
  codebase="http://[your path here]/smsx.cab#Version= ">

  function printWindow() {
    factory.printing.header = "This is MeadCo";
    factory.printing.footer = "Printing by ScriptX";
    factory.printing.portrait = false;
    factory.printing.leftMargin = 1.0;
    factory.printing.topMargin = 1.0;
    factory.printing.rightMargin = 1.0;
    factory.printing.bottomMargin = 1.0;
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