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OK, So I am programming this for a HW assignment but could either use some help or insight. I know I've read everywhere that you shouldnt open files in modules but its our assignment...

Anyway my module code is here:

and my user level code is here:

Ok, my issue is that sometimes it works, other times it doesnt... most of the time when it doesnt work, it catches in a loop on the kernel and I dont understand what is causing the issue and how I can resolve it. Any help on this situation would be incredibly appreciated, I just am getting frustrated having to constantly shut down and restart my VM.

Even if someone tells me how to find the error when my VM loops like that...?

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You may want to try using a debugger on your kernel. – n.m. Dec 11 '12 at 5:08
can't find many good sources on debugging in the kernel... any recommendations? – Ricky Hartmann Dec 11 '12 at 15:57

First, you might want to use kernel_read() and don't do these things yourself.

There might be two issues here

  • you give &filpRead->f_pos as parameter to read and write, which is for kernel internal use.
  • when you encrypt or decrypt the data, you might not get the same amount of bytes you read. So writing the same amount of data as you read could be a problem too.

Take both with a grain of salt, since it's quite some time ago, since I've looked at kernel programming.

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