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I'm trying to list (with links) all the manufacturers with products in a specific category. This works:

            $category           = 56;
            $layer = Mage::getModel("catalog/layer");
            $attributes = $layer->getFilterableAttributes();
            $manufacturers = array();
            foreach ($attributes as $attribute) {
                if ($attribute->getAttributeCode() == 'manufacturer') {
                    $filterBlockName = 'catalog/layer_filter_attribute';
                    $result = Mage::app()->getLayout()->createBlock($filterBlockName)->setLayer($layer)->setAttributeModel($attribute)->init();
                    foreach($result->getItems() as $option) {
                        echo '<li><a href="'.$this->getUrl('').'bats.html?manufacturer=' .$option->getValue().'">'.$option->getLabel().'</a></li>';

But when I'm on one of the manufacturer-category pages, the attribute links disappear. I'm assuming because it uses the layered navigation model.

Is there anyway to get a list of manufacturers for a specific category without using the layered navigation model?

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Hello i think you create new custom module & override xml tag from catalog.xml to your layout xml


call manufacture block with reference name like left/right/content

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