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I've got a list of raw data which is passed to SSRS from a stored procedure. I have a matrix which then pivots the data.

For example:

Raw data

WeekNumber    Date
1             Mon 10th Dec
1             Tue 11th Dec
1             Wed 12th Dec
2             Mon 17th Dec

When pivoted, it becomes the following for the column names

Mon 10th Dec | Tue 11th Dec  | Wed 12th Dec  | Mon 17th Dec

Is it possible to have a pivot with a where condition? In this example say, I'd want it to look like

Mon 10th Dec | Tue 11th Dec  | Wed 12th Dec 

and then another column with Mon 17th Dec since the WeekNumber is 2

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I'm not sure I understand your question. But anyway, perhaps you could consider doing the pivot in your stored procedure as per :

My secret to success when using reporting tools is to solve complex problems at the data level, rather than trying to get the reporting tool to do it.

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Yes, this is not difficult.

What you are calling a pivot in SSRS is really just a column group. You can add either a filter or a parent group to your column group to filter out WeekNumber <> 2 or group above by WeekNumber. With a parent group you could get results like:

WeekNum: 1                                   | Total for week |   |WeekNum: 2    | Total for week  |             
Mon 10th Dec | Tue 11th Dec  | Wed 12th Dec  |                |   |Mon 17th Dec
 20          |  25           |  10           |  55            |   |  15          |  15
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