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I am looking for a suggestion on which jquery plugin will achieve what I want.

Basically I want to have 5 images on the page which change (fade in/out) automatically and when clicked on the image it goes to a page relative to the image.

For example: http://www.lorigrahamdesign.com/index.php?

In the page above there are images that fade/in/out automatically and there is a difference of some time so the transition looks good.

What is the best way to achieve this using jquery?

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While not fading, it does do sliding and is really cool and incredibly easy to use and get working:


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But i'm not able to click on the images? also, the fading in/out is important for me... –  Drake Sep 4 '09 at 20:47
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You could take a look at this as well: jQuery Tools

Since there are much configuration options it should be easy to add some appear-effects.

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oups, GaVrA mentioned this one just a second ago! –  Joe Sep 4 '09 at 20:50
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If you are open to something outside of jquery, you may want to look at this mootools plug-in. slideshow

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Check out this plugin. It's a little different from your example, but maybe you like it.

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