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I have a record which has the following data: id=123 ; requested_by=Jackson ; verify_status=NULL ;

i wish the record above as the result for the following query. However, it returns me 0 row.

$sql="SELECT * FROM spr WHERE requested_by IS NOT NULL AND verify_status!='Accept'";

I wanna select all records which the verify_status other than "Accept".

I wonder is there something wrong with verify_status!='Accept'? Please help.Thanks.

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You need to handle those rows with a NULL verify_status:

$sql="SELECT * FROM spr WHERE requested_by IS NOT NULL 
       AND (verify_status IS NULL OR verify_status != 'Accept'")
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Any comparison against NULL is false, so NULL fields have to be handled explicitly.

You can either do it with an or-

where verify_status is null or verify_status != 'Accept'

Or, you can use coalesce to transform NULL into a different value

where coalesce(verify_status, 'xxNULLxx') != 'Accept'

(Note that using a function, such a coalesce in this manner makes it so that your query can't use any indexes that are on verify_status.

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