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I have created a YouTube player with the YouTube Javascript API that loads up a playlist I have created.

Because the video is chromeless, it does not display controls or video info. I was hoping to pull the title of the currently playing video and display it underneath. I can pull information such as current time position, and current video duration with things like ytplayer.getDuration() and ytplayer.getCurrentTime().

Wondering if something like "ytplayer.getTitle()" might exist but be undocumented?

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You can't get the title from the ytplayer object, as that's really just an interface to the player controls. But you could add in a quick call to the video feed (perhaps as a part of the onPlayerReady function, but it could really be anywhere). For example, with jQuery this would only require:

$.get('[videoid]?v=2&alt=json',function(data) {
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It is possible, for everyone that are still looking for answer of this question there is a javascript function:

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Could you provide a reference to this function? I couldn't find how to use getVideoData() for other info. – Andrew T. Jan 29 '15 at 9:50

If you use the getVideoData method, you will get access to the title. See the codesnipped, i tried this and it printed the line below to the console.

Necrotic Flesh - Prenatal Decomposed
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