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I have the following code to add 6 buttons to a BoxSizer

for word in words:
    btn = wx.Button(self, label=word)
    btn.Bind(wx.EVT_BUTTON, self.onWordSelect)

In my onWordSelect method I'm trying to remove all the buttons I've created on the Sizer, so that I can recreate new buttons. My problem is that all the buttons gets removed except for the last one.

Here is my code for removing the buttons:

for child in self.sizer.GetChildren():

When checking len(self.sizer.GetChildren()) it returns 0, but the last button is still visible on the screen.

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From :

For historical reasons calling this method with a wx.Window parameter is depreacted, as it will not be able to destroy the window since it is owned by its parent. You should use Detach instead.

You removed elements from the sizer but they still exist, being printed one over the other: add one line in your loop to destroy or hide them and it should be good.

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After doing a bit of delving through the documentation I've found that the easiest way of removing all the controls is to use self.sizer.DeleteWindows() instead of removing each Button individually in a loop.

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Further to kraymer's answer, an example of toggling the log. Thanks, kraymer!

def onToggleLog(self, e):

    self.showlog = not self.showlog

    if self.showlog:
        self.sizer.Add(self.log, 1, wx.EXPAND)


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For clarity of kraymer's destroy comment, here's how I solved an issue I was having:

class myFrame(wx.Frame):
    def__init__(self, title):
        #make the FlexGridSizer specifying only the columns, not the rows
        #make a panel
        #create widgets with the panel as the parent
        #add widgets to the sizer
        #set the sizer, call layout, etc...

    def addLastRow(self):
        lastBtn = wx.Button(self.myScrolledPanel, -1,"Add New Row", style=wx.BU_EXACTFIT)
        numBlanks = self.numTotalColumns-1
        for i in range(numBlanks):
            self.myFlexGridSizer.AddF(wx.StaticText(self.myScrolledPanel, -1, ''), wx.SizerFlags(0))
        self.myFlexGridSizer.AddF(lastBtn, wx.SizerFlags(0))
        self.Bind(wx.EVT_BUTTON, self.AddNewRowElements, addButton)

    def removeLastRow(self):
        myFlexGridItems = self.myFlexGridSizer.GetChildren()
        for i in range(self.numTotalColumns):

    def AddNewRowElements(self, event):
        #add elements
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