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I am developing an iphone app that uses OAuth-Consumer library , my current debugger id LLDB in that , it uses the following method to generate signauture

-(NSString *)signClearText:(NSString *)text withSecret:(NSString *)secret
 //it generates base64EncodedData and then returns it as a string
 return base64EncodedResult;//this is line is executed successfully

}//when it reaches this line it again goes to the return statement and there app      crashes
 //with the gdb error

If I use NSLog just before the return statement , it successfully prints the value of base64EncodeResult.

I tried a different debugger GDB, still the app crashes with the error "cannot access memory at location 0xYYYYYYY"

when I tried none debugger , then app does not crash but it stops executing further...

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If you have a buffer overrun on a local variable, it can foul up the stack frame. If that happens you can overwrite the stack's return address so the app returns to an invalid address.

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how to override stack's return address ?? – Subbu Feb 14 '13 at 11:26
how to solve this problem? – Rafeek Apr 10 '13 at 6:27

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