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I have been trying to play audio which is received as raw data in didOutputSampleBuffer delegate. What should be the proper way to process the raw data?

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Look at the following sample code from Apple: AVCaptureTtoAudioUnitOSX

There you can see how to properly process the raw audio data and pass it to the AudioUnit.

The basic principle is as follows:

  1. Get the SampleBuffer's AudioStreamBasicDescription for info on format

    First get the CMFormatDescriptionRef with CMSampleBufferGetFormatDescription
    Then get the AudioStreamBasicDescription with CMAudioFormatDescriptionGetStreamBasicDescription
    Now you can get info on sample rate, bits per channel, channels per frame and frames per packet

  2. Get the AudioBufferList with the actual audio data

    Either use CoreAudio's Public Utility or check this mailing list entry for a correct way of doing so
    The function is called CMSampleBufferGetAudioBufferListWithRetainedBlockBuffer. Third parameter is the bufferListOut which is the AudioBufferList you want and will pass on to work with e.g. the AudioUnit or whatever your need is.

  3. Getting the actual raw data

    The AudioBufferList contains AudioBuffers each of which contain the data

    struct AudioBuffer {
     UInt32 mNumberChannels;
     UInt32 mDataByteSize;
     void   *mData;

This should get you going. Look at the sample code from Apple for more info.

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