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In a site I'm building, I'm trying to use the referer to verify AJAX requests are coming from the correct URLs.

To do this I'd like to get Sitecore to resolve a URL to an Item. For example,


might resolve to the item at the path


What's the recommended way to go about this in my code?

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Thanks for all the answers but none of them did everything I needed. This worked for me.

var url = new Uri(...);

// Obtain a SiteContext for the host and virtual path
var siteContext = SiteContextFactory.GetSiteContext(url.Host, url.PathAndQuery);

// Get the path to the Home item
var homePath = siteContext.StartPath;
if (!homePath.EndsWith("/"))
    homePath += "/";

// Get the path to the item, removing virtual path if any
var itemPath = MainUtil.DecodeName(url.AbsolutePath);
if (itemPath.StartsWith(siteContext.VirtualFolder))
    itemPath = itemPath.Remove(0,siteContext.VirtualFolder.Length);

// Obtain the item
var fullPath = homePath + itemPath;
var item = siteContext.Database.GetItem(fullPath);
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Don't really get what you're trying to do (with your AJAX request and such), but if you want http://www.mysite.com/abc/def to resolve the item sitecore/content/MySite/Home/abc/def, you need to configure your <site> in the web.config like this:

<site name="MySite" hostName="www.mysite.com" rootPath="/sitecore/content/MySite" startItem="/Home" *other attributes here* />
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You can use the method ItemManager.GetItem(itemPath, language, version, database, securityCheck) To resolve an item based on it's (full)path.

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