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I want to show links in my page as network graph consisting of nodes. So please suggest some visualization library or plugin that can be used with javascript or jQuery. i want to show like where links on particular page going.

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mxGraph isn't open source, but is free for non-commercial use, if that's your usage.

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There is a number of javascript libraries out there that you should be able to reuse. A popular open source solution is d3. It is a general purpose visualization library and has good support and examples for visualizing graph like structures.

In a commercial scenario, you might want to take a look at yFiles, the latter has the advantage that you can choose from a great number of automatic layout algorithms that can automatically arrange the elements and link routings in your diagrams, which may be necessary if there is a large number of nodes and links that you need to display.

An outdated (since it has been closed and does not contain newer solutions) list of libraries is also here: JavaScript Chart Library

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d3 does not work in IE 7 and IE8. i need some open source libraries – Rajeev Ranjan Dec 11 '12 at 12:00

You could also try sigma.js. That is what we're using now.

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