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Well, I'm embarrassed to have to ask, but someone (probably many of you) know better than I do here: why am I having trouble?

Here's the trouble - this works fine if I start with the divs showing - but if I hide them, it doesn't toggle. I see some "movement" on the page, but the divs don't appear. This applies if I hide them via a jQuery hide() or toggle() in the first Drupal.behavior below, or if I remove that, and I hide them via css (i.e. display: none). However, if I start with them unhidden, the toggle onclick works like a charm. I'd just rather the user that the option to show them if interested, rather than hide them if not.

Ideas? (D7, btw, if not clear from the code below...)

(function($) {
    Drupal.behaviors.hideElements = {
      attach:function(context, settings) {
        $('.comparison-chart-category-elements-element').each(function() {
    Drupal.behaviors.toggleElements = {
      attach:function(context, settings) {
        $('.elements-div-header').each(function() { 
          $(this).unbind("click").click(function() {
              $(this).html($(this).html() == "View Elements ∇" ? "Hide Elements Δ" : "View Elements ∇");
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Yes, that code above works fine. If I had realized the next sibling in my DOM was of class comparison-chart-category-elements, rather than comparison-chart-category-elements-element I wouldn't have wasted your time.

Thanks for looking.

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