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 public override ReadOnlyCollection<SecurityKey> SecurityKeys
        get { throw new NotImplementedException(); }

Warning 20  CA1065 : Microsoft.Design : 'someToken.SecurityKeys.get()' creates an exception of type 'NotImplementedException', an exception type that should not be raised in a property. If this exception instance might be raised, use a different exception type, convert this property into a method, or change this property's logic so that it no longer raises an exception.    D:\some\Security\someUserToken.cs

I searched in google but couldn't find the correct answer. Could anyone know how to handle these kind of errors? The error is:

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If you're throwing it because you haven't written the property, i.e. you're treating it as Not(Yet)ImplementedException, then you need to implement the property.

However, if you're signalling to a consumer that this property is inappropriate, use NotSupportedException instead.

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