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Say i have a text area:`

<body contenteditable="true" class="html-editor portlet portlet-blogs cke_show_borders" spellcheck="false"><p><br type="_moz"></p></body>`

As you see there is no id so i want to idenify it using class attribute.

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Try this


tag=HTML tage of the element

class=class of the element

type this in target

css=body.html-editor portlet portlet-blogs cke_show_borders
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Use this :

//body[@class='html-editor portlet portlet-blogs cke_show_borders']
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You have to find Xpath of the text field, use Xpath to identify the text field and selenium ide you have to write following command

type|Xpath of text field | your content 

you can install firepath plugin in FF browser and take xpath of text box through firebug, EG: //*[@id='search']/div/input

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@Kameron please check my answer help you or not. – Ankit jain Apr 18 '13 at 5:43

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