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After adding a partition to an external table in Hive, how can I update/drop it?

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You can update a Hive partition by, for example:

ALTER TABLE logs PARTITION(year = 2012, month = 12, day = 18) 
SET LOCATION 'hdfs://user/darcy/logs/2012/12/18';

This command does not move the old data, nor does it delete the old data. It simply sets the partition to the new location.

To drop a partition, you can do

ALTER TABLE logs DROP IF EXISTS PARTITION(year = 2012, month = 12, day = 18);

Hope it helps!

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You can either copy files into the folder where external partition is located or use

INSERT OVERWRITE TABLE tablename1 PARTITION (partcol1=val1, partcol2=val2...)...


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