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I'm using awesome_print gem to display output from pry to look pretty. Since, awesome_print uses line breaks, long outputs like ap html.chapters.order("position ASC") only shows the end part of the output, How Do I paginate the result to look like its, piped to less or more


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Add this to the .pryrc:

  require 'awesome_print' 
  Pry.config.print = proc { |output, value| Pry::Helpers::BaseHelpers.stagger_output("=> #{}", output) }
rescue LoadError => err
  puts "no awesome_print :("

And in case you are unfamiliar with .pryrc:

When pry starts, it checks for a .pryrc file in your home directory(~/.pryrc) and also for a per-project .pryrc in the current directory(./.pryrc). Both files are used if they exist, with the file from your home directory being loaded first.

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