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Please let me know how to approach this problem, I am naive to smartGWT.

The requirement is that:

  1. I have to display a text area which has some pre-populated text.
  2. Part of this pre-populated text should be editable and the part of this pre-populated text should be non-editable.
  3. The editable text should be rendered in black color while the non-editable text should be rendered in gray color.

I am currently using com.smartgwt.client.widgets.form.fields.TextAreaItem class but I am open to change my class if this usecase is supported by some other widget.


Suppose the below lines displays the upper and lower boundary of my text area.

[Editable text] (This text should be editable and should have black color)

[Non editable text] (This text should be non editable and should have gray color)

[Editable text] (This text should be editable and should have black color)

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The TextAreaItem is rendered as a HTML textArea so just good for input not for formatting . Perhaps you could use the RichTextItem which allow to format a text with different font and attribute. But it is no quite sure you can customize it (to remove the tool for example) and just play with the events. I don't think it will be so easy Do you have a random number of line? If not you can design your own with a canvasItem including editable element (TextItem), non editable elements (could be TextItem with setDisabled(true) but watch the style)and assign css for the style

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