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Can anyone help me to create a csv file from List, my scenario is, i have a multi dimensional values like below in a List

List<string[]> lst = new List<string[]>();
lst= csv1.ToList();

lst contains the values like,

lst[0] = {string[53]}
lst[1] = {string[53]}
lst[2] = {string[53]}
lst[3] = {string[53]}
lst[4] = {string[53]}

and string[53] contains the values like

    string[0] = "abc"
    string[1] = "def"
    string[2] = "ghi"
    string[3] = "jkl"
    string[4] = "mno"
    string[0] = "123"
    string[1] = "456"
    string[2] = "789"
    string[3] = "10"
    string[4] = "11"

I just wanted to write this multi-dimensional list to csv file as each item in lst[] to rows in csv and each item in string[] to columns such that the final output in my csv is


Any help would be really appreciated.

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What have you tried ? – ryadavilli Dec 11 '12 at 7:40
I tried like this, String csv = String.Join(",", lst.Select(x => x.ToString()).ToArray()); but i was not getting the output. – Gnanasekaran Kuppusamy Dec 11 '12 at 7:51
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At the simplest level, not handling quoting / escaping / multi-line CSV issues, then just loop; maybe something like:

    using (var file = File.CreateText(path))
        foreach(var arr in lst)
           file.WriteLine(string.Join(",", arr));

or a tiny bit more efficient (no intermediary string):

    using (var file = File.CreateText(path))
        foreach (var arr in lst)
            if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(arr)) continue;
            for(int i = 1 ; i < arr.Length ; i++)
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Your second example is going to add an extra comma at the on each record – Matthew Whited Feb 26 at 16:40

use linq:

File.WriteAllLines("text.txt", lst.Select(x => string.Join(",", x)));
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+1 to this and Marc Gravell's one... Both are fine as long as there is no commas in the text... If there are - need to understand destination format and encode comma/quotes appropriately. – Alexei Levenkov Dec 11 '12 at 7:52

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