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I have a Spark form with horizontal layout and I would like to reduce the top and bottom vertical padding. Neighter using the paddingBottom/paddingTop on the HorizontalLayout nor using the paragraphSpaceAfter/paragraphSpaceBefore of the FormItem reduces the vertical space before and after the form.

<s:Form width="100%" height="50%" fontSize="15">
        <s:HorizontalLayout  verticalAlign="middle"  gap="3" paddingBottom="0" paddingTop="0">
    <s:FormItem   > 
        <mx:DateField id="selDateFrom" formatString="DD/MM/YYYY" selectedDate="{new Date()}">
    <s:FormItem > 
        <mx:DateField id="selDateTo" formatString="DD/MM/YYYY" >

Can someone help me?


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You will have to create your own s:FormSkin for this. –  DennisJaamann Dec 11 '12 at 9:47

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I create a custom FormSkin like this one and it works:

  <s:Skin xmlns:fx="http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009" 
    <s:Group id="contentGroup" showErrorSkin="true" showErrorTip="true" 
             left="0" right="0" top="0" bottom="0">
            <s:FormLayout gap="7"/>


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