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I'm trying to associate my iPhone application to open image files such as jpeg and png. I did it this way:


But this solution doesn't work. If I replace public.image with, for example, public.objective-c-source my app begins to open objective-c source code. But when I use public.image or public.jpeg it doesn't work.

Can you tell where is my mistake? Thank you for answer.

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stackoverflow.com/questions/9197757/… - Looks like you cannot really open an image –  Srikanth Dec 11 '12 at 8:52

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As per this question in apple developer forum (You need to login to devforums.apple.com to see this link), it is not possible. The reason mentioned there is as follows,

Not allowed, it means you will high jack the default behavior of the iOS camera & photo app. Register a file type unique to your app.

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