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I am developing a live-action tag game (called DeTag) that uses a web interface for reporting kills. When a user wants to report a tag they go to a page to confirm who and when they tagged, then actually "kill" them (called pre-tag.php and tag.php respectively). However in trying both POST and GET data for the three variables I need (userID, tag hour and tag minute,) the page 404's. Here is the URL that I am using:


That will cause Wordpress (2.1.7) to 404. Tried using both POST and GET data. However, when I use this link (with only one GET variable):


It works...Of course, it doesn't push the time, but it goes through. Is there something in PHP and/or Wordpress that would create this situation?

If you need more code, please let me know.

I am using the runphp plugin to run php code on the Wordpress pages. Thanks.

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Just a matter of curiosity... have you tried using semicolons instead of ampersands to separate the key-value pairs? –  Amber Sep 4 '09 at 21:39

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You'd better use somethink like this :


And in php, use explode function to get the parameters.

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Our problem was with the type of permalinks we had enabled in WordPress. We changed to the combination enabled links and used semicolons as our variable delimiter.

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