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in Ireport 4.8.0 i need to write query with a "where" phrase that include a "UTF-8" word, like this:

SELECT accounts.name AS accounts_name, accounts.billing_address_city AS accounts_billing_address_city FROM accounts accounts WHERE accounts.name = "מיינפורם"

when i write it in Ireport, it doesn't find anything because it doesn't recognize the UTF-8 word in the where clause:

enter image description here

when the same exact query does work in the MySQL database:

enter image description here

So the problem is in the Ireport that deosn't recognize the UTF-8 word, how can i fix this?

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Solved it by defining a new database connection and this time with the following parameters:


From this point on, the report query started to return results.

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Of course. If you don't specify, your connection will use some default (probably JVM default, sniffed from the underlying OS). You probably got ISO-8859-1 or Windows-1250 or something which just isn't going to work. When you specify UTF-8, it works. –  Christopher Schultz Dec 11 '12 at 17:22

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