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Does hadoop version 2.0.0 and CDH4 have a SFTP file system in place ? I know hadoop has a support for FTP Filesystem . Does it have something similar for sftp ? I have seen some patches submitted for the sme though couldn't make sense of them ..

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Consider using hadoop distcp.

Check here. That would be something like:

hadoop distcp
  -D fs.sftp.credfile=/user/john/credstore/private/mycreds.prop
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After some research , I have figured out that hadoop currently doesn't have a FileSystem written for SFTP . Hence if you wish to read data using SFTP channel you have to either write a SFTP FileSystem (which is quite a big deal , extending and overriding lots of classes and methods) , patches of which are already been developed , though not yet integrated into hadoop , else get a customized InputFormat that reads from streams , which again is not implemented in hadoop.

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