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I have div which show the list whos online and I want show the scroll bar when my data shows 10, the default of my div is no data. It means data will appear when users are online.

The problem is when there is 1000 users online? My div will be too long.

I have tried with this CSS:

    height: 100px;
    overflow: show;

But its means I set the default height of the div and if no user is online the div appears with the null data. Please help me to fix this.

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overflow: show is the default CSS property, therefore you do not need to define it. Also 100px is an exact height don't forget to consider accessibility for those who view larger font-sizes. –  Matthew T. Baker Dec 11 '12 at 8:52
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If I've understood your question you're trying to have a div which contains 1000s of line, but is only 100px high? In that case you need to use overflow: scroll.

Try this:

    max-height: 100px;
    overflow: scroll;

Example fiddle

Note, I've also used max-height. This means that if there is only 1 line in the div the height will contract to fit. jQuery and javascript is not needed here.

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thx bro max-height is work :D –  Niinii Dec 11 '12 at 9:03
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