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Are there any ways to show images instead of text within a drop down box (using the tag)?

Thanks in advance, Monte

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Please please please tell us what Operating System, Windowing toolkit and Programming language you are using. Or is this HTML? – Alex Brown Sep 4 '09 at 21:40

You can't do this with normal drop down boxes in HTML. You might be able to build something like a drop down box with JQuery or something similar, but there isn't anything to do this in normal HTML.

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You can use the optgroup tag inside of your selection tag. These are allowed to be styled and have a background image. Style it via css and put one option per group.

w3c optgroup description

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I assume that you're tagging about a dropdown box for a web browser. If that assumption is true, and if you're willing to use Javascript, then you could use something like the Javascript Custom Dropdown v2.1 by Marghoob Suleman.

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I have created an ASP.NET server-side control (using AJAX) that has a checkbox list in what appears to be a dropdown, so I can tell you -- it CAN be done. Two panels, one which looks like a dropdown and shows the other when you click it. Put the payload in the other panel.

That get you started?

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