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We are an IVR team and our application is deployed in tomcat server. We need to integrate with payment gateway.

We have a application enterprise web archive (ear) which has jar file and few other configuration files, this application communicates with third party Payment gateway. This application is provided by a vendor, As tomcat doesn't support ear files,

we want to know whether it is good to convert the ear file to war and deploy it in tomcat. The ear application provided to us is like a black box application.

We are trying to hit a EJB which archived in the ear

If it is right to convert ear to war, i would like to know the best practices so that we don't land on problem during production deployment

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You have to have an EAR if you've got an EJB. I don't see how you can simply change an EAR to a WAR and expect to access the EJB.

Tomcat is a servlet/JSP engine; it has no capability to host EJBs - unless you add on something like OpenEJB.

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