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I want to print something on the basis of the current language code. For that I did something like this:

{% if request.LANGUAGE_CODE == en %}
{% endif %}

But this if condition does not compare the current language code. But if I print this {{request.LANGUAGE_CODE}} on the same page then it will print en as language code, but my if condition is not working and I don't know why ??

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You can {{ this_variable_does_not_exists }} and it will pass. If you move your test etc to the view it will evaluate. – Rickard Zachrisson Dec 11 '12 at 10:48
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LANGUAGE_CODE is a string, so you just need to enquote your comparison value like this:

{% if request.LANGUAGE_CODE == 'en' %}
{% endif %}

check also the ifequal tag

{% ifequal request.LANGUAGE_CODE 'en' %}
{% endifequal %}

a bit more: the if and ifequal on strings are case sensitive, so you may want to be sure you're matching the correct case (maybe applying the |lower filter to both arguments)

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