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I want to be logged in as a user during my tests that use javascript, so I figured I should have a helper method which logs a user in via frontend. However with the helper

    def log_user_in_via_frontend(user)
        visit root_path
        fill_in 'user_session_login', :with => user.login
        fill_in 'user_session_password', :with => user.password

I am able to be logged in and am redirected to the right page as long as I don't put :js => true at the end. I call this helper via

    user = FactoryGirl.create(:user)

Visiting root_path afterwards yields No route matches {:controller=>\"users\", :action=>\"show\", :id=>#<User id: nil, login: nil...

What's the best way to have an logged in user in my selenium tests?

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Actually by now this works for me. I am not sure what for exactly, but I think the key is deactivate transitional fixture, and to have database cleaner do the cleaning.

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