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does anybody know is it possible to open some personal picture when emulator camera starts?

For example, I have an application which is based on image analysis and I would like when I click a button for camera that camera opens not that default Android emulator moving image. I want it to open some image which I set as a default image. So when I choose to take a picture it will show only that image and when I take a take a picture, that image will be saved to gallery, not Android default image.

Tnx :)

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Download the source from following url . This is work as the another Gallery in the emulator. While passing intent to capture image from camera choose this gallery. this is looks like samsung mobile 3d gallery.. this will return the default images.. in emulators . one more thing it will work fine after 3.0 versions only.

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It seems the only solution is to use a remote camera.

This is one way to do it:

It's not something what I was looking for but I think it can be used for testing. Maybe even barcode scanner would work with this if the barcode is placed properly in front of camera.

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Hi you can use android 3D gallery source for this. in that you can set the constant image in the camera... – itsrajesh4uguys Dec 20 '12 at 9:02
Hi. If you can please post new answer and explain that a little bit I will accept your answer. I was searching a little bit and I don't see some tutorial. Thanks! – Cristiano Dec 20 '12 at 9:41

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