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is it possible to run excel with an SAS engine and run SAS code on it?

the purpose of this i want to learn SAS a little bit and i dont want to buy it, so maybe i could use it through excel?

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Sas Base is a very easy to learn lenguage.. I think is more important to learn about data modeling ETL Reporting Data Mining etc before to learn SAS I work with SAS in my actual job and SAS base is a repetitive language as COBOL i mean is not an all purpose language is not as big as java is.

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No, Excel has no built-in support for running SAS code. However, SAS does have an Office Add-in that allows you to interact with SAS from Excel. However, you are required to have licensed SAS to use this.

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For learning purposes, check out the "Learning Edition"

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As far as know,The SAS9.3 version has a add-in for Microsoft Excel which can interact with the SAS. It provides many functions about SAS. I think it's powerful.

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If yo are fortunate enough to have access to a *nix system (such as Linux or one of the BSD's), you could take a look at DAP, an open source statistics package that should be able to run this type of programs.

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That's a great pointer, thanks! –  Stobor Dec 5 '11 at 4:32

Actually, YES - you CAN use Excel to run SAS code - using the IOM & VBA. It is possible to have a code window, log window and results window within Excel, effectively emulating BASE SAS (we did this in our office).

  • You need the SAS Addin for Microsoft Office installed
  • You need a connection to a SAS session (local or remote).

So prob doesn't suit your purposes. But it can be (and has been) done!

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