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I have an app where each User has a "Home".

I have overridden my FOSUserBundle registration FormType to embed the Home and capture some properties in the registration process. Unfortunately when I register, the new User is persisted but the new Home is not.

I don't really want a postPersist listener set on the User in-case I want to create a second User for an existing Home. I assume I have to override the RegistrationFormHandler onSuccess() or process() methods and manually persist the home? If this is the case, do I have to inject the DocumentManager in the constructor? Is this the best way to do it?

I'm using Doctrine MongoDB ODM as the storage layer if that makes any difference?

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I created my own RegistrationFormHandler and overrode the onSuccess method:

public function onSuccess(UserInterface $user, $confirmation)
    $home = $user->getHome();

    parent::onSuccess($user, $confirmation);

This uses the document manager which you'll need to inject in the constructor.

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