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Im trying to do a LEFT JOIN/INNER JOIN/JOIN (forgot the differences, my MySQL knowledge got dusty...) on two tables. one is categories and the other is images .

I want to return a list of all categories with a certain parent value, and for each of these categories return the latest image from images for that category.

I ended up with this query:

SELECT * FROM `categories` AS `a`
         JOIN (SELECT `im`.`preview` AS `preview`,
                      `im`.`cid` AS `cid` 
               FROM `images` AS `im`
               ORDER BY `im`.`cid` DESC) AS `b`
               ON (`a`.`cid` = `b`.`cid`)
         GROUP BY `preview`

This returns a single image from the images table for each row in the category table, But if I'd try to condition/sort the resulting table, I'll start getting weird results, for example changing the end to this or any similar variation:

WHERE `a`.`parent` = 10
GROUP BY `preview`
ORDER BY `a`.`cid

Would appreciate any ideas you would have on this. Thanks in advanced.

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Peter's answer already helped me resolved the issue , but thank you very much Mahmoud ! –  Shai Mishali Dec 11 '12 at 12:22

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You can do it also without join, just using subselect:

(SELECT preview 
 FROM images img 
 WHERE img.cid = c.cid 
 LIMIT 1) AS preview
FROM categories c
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Fantastic! Thanks :) I always get confused about when to use JOIN or not. –  Shai Mishali Dec 11 '12 at 12:19

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